Have you been ignoring your boiler all summer?

Boilers are most likely to break down when you turn on your heating system for the first time after summer.  This is largely due to the motorised valves seizing meaning you may still have hot water but no heating.  The valves aren't used over the summer months so they seize up and stick.  When you turn your heating back on at the start of winter, the motor burns out trying to open the valves.

You can avoid this by turning your heating on for just 5 minutes, once a month during the summer to open & close the valves and prevent the valve from sticking in the hot water only position.   

If you've been ignoring your heating system all summer, now's the time to crank it up, if only to check it's still working. 

Make the most of the warmer months 

Arranging a service will help ensure your boiler lasts the winter and could potentially lower your heating bills!  As well as checking your boiler is safe and working well, a service will clean up any deposits that have built up in your boiler and heating system which reduce it's efficiency.  

And timing your boiler service can reap rewards. Try to arrange your service for the summer months, before the traditionally busy autumn season, when people start putting the heating on and there are more breakdowns. 

If your boiler is starting to go wrong and is over 8 years old, it may be time to think about a new one, contact us 0n 07917888080 or 07729999214 for a free no obligation quote

The availability of qualified gas engineers drops rapidly after the Autumn and if you leave it as late as November, December or the Christmas break, prices rise accordingly. It's no easier getting a good deal in the New Year either, so if your boiler is due a service, summer is the ideal time to get it booked in.